Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nokia vs Android :: SDK battle

I've been doing tryout coding with Android SDK. It was indeed easy and breeze to build things with it and because it's free to use, potential is there. One question which is totally non visible today is Nokia's strategy on software development support on future platforms like microsoft one.

Developers do not pay for SDK's anymore, they choose which is available and technically supported to achieve their goals. I currently run business where money is always an issue and spending 1-15k€ for any microsoft development tool is totally out of question.

I really would like to see some 'analyst' to state something out from this point of view. I thought that Nokia did great with QT, they paid huge money of it and tried to preserve future for developers. Now any developer who should put his efforts to microsoft coding are facing that unlimited fun with license costs and a away to keep it fluent.

But actually, I hope that all of our competitors does windows coding on nokia. That's the way.

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