Monday, August 29, 2011

Android, Symbian, iPhone

Experiences from all major mobile platforms. I've been playing with Android, Samsung S2 and new Sony Ericsson Mini Pro and I have to say, it's too complicated. I get frustrated with Android from time to time, simple tasks like calling and writing sms's, just too many moves and eye candies all the time. With iPhone, it's too restricted. I need music, I need images. I need them now, on the go and with linux. No iTunes available all the time.

Symbian Anna on my E7, better but sluggish. Email is quite responsive but gets stuck from time to time. Needs rebooting. Calling and texting is breeze. It's big, but robust. Best hardware at this point, even software is lacking.

I think I will give up on these phones soon. Reach me with IM or Email.

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