Monday, August 2, 2010

Others make me love Nokia

August 2nd, holiday period is over and things start to look back normal again. I post this with my Nokia Booklet 3G and it's not because Nokia is so great, it's because community is so great. I realized that ubuntu team has gained support to poulsbo graphic adapter, which Nokia Booklet has. See this wikipage for more details and simple solution.

I think Booklet from Nokia is nice device, mainly because it's quality and size. Features are just in there, but they just ruined this whole concept with Windows and this (so far) terrifying graphics adapter which has not been officially supported by Linux. I don't know if things are permanently good and fixed, but partially I am happy now.

Think this Nokia. To make difference in users minds, include quite a bit your own thinking and follow what you believe. What would booklet community look like if you have released this hardware in spirit of N900 and Maemo (meego) instead?

Happy booklet user, without Nokias effort and without Nokias support.

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