Friday, August 20, 2010

Nokia N9

I saw pictures at Engadget of coming Nokia N9 (which supposedly is running Meego) and I was simply amazed. I think Nokia will score with this, since making things truly open ways is totally different, what's available from Apple and Android.

Compare N900 and Apple in technical ways and you realise that taking MP3's to your phone is a lot simpler with Nokia and almost impossible with Apple (iTunes..). Take an example of Jabber IM integration in N900 and Android, there is a _huge_ difference.

I can say that Nokia N900 is not so great in hardware and software, but methods they apply to use task flexibility and open integration is something which wins at long run. I don't want to obey iTunes in my every task, I want to use Linux and variety of other systems where iTunes requirements is pain. I want to use open and secure protocols to communicate, I don't want to use proprietary and vendor locked channels to target my comm's into. I want to run my own Jabber server and attach to it.

I want system which is openly secure, I don't want compromised and intercept ready base for my mobile thoughts and business.

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