Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ultimate Linux laptop (CF-54)

Today I got my hands on to new Panasonic CF-54. Installed Ubuntu 15.04 (64 bit) to it and found out that this is ultimate Laptop for Linux user! I never booted Windows on it and I suggest you to do same, if you have this gear.

Few points which will get this into class A laptop with Linux;
  • Really rugged feel, but measures and weight are well in control
  • Handle. This alone is the thing after you have been able to test one out. 
  • 1920 x 1080 FullHD display, which is matte and has touchscreen
  • Inbuilt 4G which works under Linux (see earlier post about Toughpad)
  • Bluetooth, touchscreen, sound, wifi - works
  • 4G with Sierra 7305 (1199:9041) 
  • Exact model number is CF-54B3961MN
I will update this post after more experiences and details, but if you're after solid professional laptop for Linux use - look no further.


I've been using my Toughbook CF-54 now for a while as my main laptop and I cannot complain about anything while running Ubuntu 15.04 (AMD64). Everything just works so well that I am still amazed. I think Panasonic should advertise them as Linux able supplier, because it's starting to be good differentiation from other vendors, especially after Windows 10 failed to impress peoples.

I've been running like tenths of laptops as my main gear during last few years and equal to finding perfect laptop, I've been experimenting perfect carry on bag with various items. Just before my CF-54, arrived my Fjällräven Greenland briefcase and just last week I found out that CF-54 fits perfectly inside laptop pocket of this briefcase. It fits like clove in there, even it surely looks like that CF-54 is too big for the case, but no. It's perfect. I try to include some images in future. But if you're after ultimate Linux laptop and discreet carry on solution, try these two. They are amazing. Both of them.


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