Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nokia N9 :: One week and running

I think it's around one week now which I've been using my Nokia N9. I upgraded iPhone4 to iOS5 following day after I got my N9. Spent few moments with it also, but interestingly returned to N9 for sleeker outfit and functionality. Generally speaking N9 has been working nicely, it's fast and responsive. I can take nice pic's with it and keep up with my MP3's. Emailing, messaging and those kind of things are easy. Nothing major in there, but this reduced complexity is kind of hitting me. Things are almost plain with this device.

I also changed my case for phone and credit cards. I got some Golla thing, which holds slim N9 nicely and I can use my BT in case someone tries to reach me, event my phone is in my pocket or backpack. Kind of new way to think phone, I believe.

I also acquired NFC enabled BT streaming audio receiver, MD-20W from Nokia. It works like it should. I touch it with my N9 and it grabs my audio output to amplifier. Works event while I am paired with normal handsfree device. Nice!

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